Whether you have long been affected by, or interested in, issues of importance to the blind and low vision community, or whether you're just now learning to live with significant vision loss, there's something for you in THE Northern Virginia Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired (NOVA).

Members of NOVA are talented, energetic and enthusiastic blind, vision impaired and sighted people from all walks of life, dedicated to improving the overall well-being of all blind and vision impaired people.

Through mutual support, self-education, advocacy, and community outreach. we design and conduct activities to educate and assist the blind and low vision population and those losing their sight, as well as their parents, spouses and other family members.

We have sponsored workshops ranging from those designed for parents of children with no or declining sight, as well as for anyone wishing to learn more about cell phones and other devices containing assistive technology used at work, or at home.

At NOVA monthly meetings, currently held at Antony's restaurant in Falls Church on the first Thursday of THE month, guest speakers provide information on a wide range of topics and members also share relevant news of importance to our community.

In addition, NOVA's book group meets monthly and not only provides useful information about a wide variety of books , but also about the many resources available to obtain, and to listen to, materials; whether reading for work, class or pleasure.

also, members gather at our annual summer picnic, winter holiday dinner and at other times for socialization and to explore such shared interests as museum tours, movies, and theater events.

You can also join the NOVA email list and receive information about events and news relevant to NOVA's members. List members also use the list to support each other and share ideas, new resources, and expertise to help everyone get the most out of life. To subscribe, send a blank message to: We look forward to having your contributions on the email list.

NOVA Chapter Membership

NOVA is the local chapter of the national organization - American Council of the Blind (ACB), and its state affiliate, the Old Dominion Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired (ODCBVI). Your $20.00 annual dues covers local, state, and national membership. You will receive the Braille Forum, and periodic updates of interest from the state affiliate and local chapter. To become a member of NOVA/ODCBVI/ACB, please provide the information requested below, or call our President, Paul D'Addario at 703 309 3730. We look forward to supporting you in fulfilling your dreams, and we look forward to your unique contributions to us and our work.

Please send this form and your check or money order for $20.00 made out to “NOVA Council of the Blind” to: John McCann, NOVA Treasurer, 5501 Seminary Road Apt. 214, Falls Church, VA. 22041-3903; 703-845-7917.